Range of Multicolour Offset Printing Machines, Imported 2nd Hand, Adast Dominant, Heidelberg

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Machine Type: Offset Printing
Model Ref No Maker Year Detail
1 colour 515 Adast Dominant 1990 Size 15 x 20, Imported
L 528 DE Komori 1990 Komori L528 (5 colour) PQC, Komorimatic dampening, very nice technical condition, checked by German Engineers
only 90 mil prints.

516 Adast Dominant 516 Adast Dominant 1995 Adast 516 - 1 colour 1995 excellent condition. size 15 x 20
KBA 66-4 KBA KBA 2006 KBA 66-4, 4 col year 2006, Alcohol dampening, high pile delivery,semi CPC, v nice machine. EUROPE
725 725 Adast Polly 725P Low pile V feeder-1996 water dampening
Adast 725P Low pile 1994 water dampening
Adast 725CP Low pile Alcohol Dampening 2001
Adast 725 Low pile water dampening V feeder 1994
Adast 725CP Low pile water dampening 1998

755P CZ Adast Dominant 1992 Adast 5 col, Water dampening, High pile delivery
715 9 Adast Dominant 1991 Adast 715 sr no 11xxx
715 8 Adast Dominant 1988 Adast 715 sr no 10xxx
L 426 K Komori 1986 Komorimatic Dampening, PQC off press controls, Lateral & Circumferential register control from PQC (no cocking) Hard Steel Cylinders (not chromed) Alpha IR Dryer, Quick action plate clamps, Steel plate in feeder & delivery
526P C ADAST DOMINANT 1998 Adast Dominant 526P- 2 colour size 15x20, very nice press, imported / on stock
SM 102F EU Heidelberg 1993 Heidelberg SM 102F- 5 colour, straight machine, Alcolor, CPC - CP Tronic, high quality machine from Europ, maintained by Heidelberg Engineers


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