Range of Multicolour Offset Printing Machines, Imported 2nd Hand, Adast Dominant, Heidelberg

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Machine Type: Offset Printing
Model Ref No Maker Year Detail
1 colour 515 Adast Dominant 1990 Size 15 x 20, Imported
L 426 426 Komori 2000 Komori L 426 year 2000 without Chrome cylinders, SAPC
SM 72V + Coater S Heidelberg 1992 SM 72V + Coater with CP Tronics, Alcolor, Straight machine, ready for shipment from Germany
516 Adast Dominant 516 Adast Dominant 1995 Adast 516 - 1 colour 1995 excellent condition. size 15 x 20
KBA 66-4 KBA KBA 2007 KBA 66-4, 4 col year 2007, Alcohol dampening, high pile delivery,semi CPC, v nice machine. EUROPE
725 725 Adast Polly 725P Low pile V feeder-1996 water dampening
Adast 725P Low pile 1994 water dampening
Adast 725CP Low pile Alcohol Dampening 2001
Adast 725 Low pile water dampening V feeder 1994
Adast 725CP Low pile water dampening 1998

727 727 ADAST 2007 Adast 727 - 2 colour,size 19x26, Straight machine, High pile delivery, Alcolor Dampening, Semi CPC, only 3.5mil prints (like new)
SM 102V + Coater S Heidelberg 1992 SM 102V + Coater, Extended delivery, straight machine (ready for shipment Germany)
745CP CZ Adast Dominant 2000 Adast 745CP 2000 4 col, Water dampening, High pile delivery,CPC.
SM 72V 72V Heidelberg 1992 Heidelberg 4 colour, size 20x28, straight machine, Alcolor, CP Tronic, very nice technical condition
machine from Europe

715 9 Adast Dominant 1991 Adast 715 sr no 11xxx
715 8 Adast Dominant 1988 Adast 715 sr no 10xxx
L 426 K Komori 1986 Komorimatic Dampening, PQC off press controls, Lateral & Circumferential register control from PQC (no cocking) Hard Steel Cylinders (not chromed) Alpha IR Dryer, Quick action plate clamps, Steel plate in feeder & delivery
L 440 LYLX - Double Coater K Komori 1999 Komori -4 colour (28X40) Double Anilox Coater,AMR, PQC + Cocking,SAPC, UV Dryer in delivery
Ready for shipment

526P C ADAST DOMINANT 1998 Adast Dominant 526P- 2 colour size 15x20, very nice press, imported / on stock
L 440 K Komori 1991 Komori 4 colour (28x40) SAPC,PQC,Cocking, Chrome cylinders
very nice press


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